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Arla trade fair concept: The farmer's café

Many diverse products must be presented under a brand which previously, at trade fairs, was communicated in a very corporate style. It is also desired that the concept can have a long life.

The solution: the farmer's café
We devised the concept, which is based on the fact that Arla is owned by farmers. We wanted to move away from the corporate and highly variable expression. There was a need for a unifying concept that has a long life and that could tell the story that Arla is owned by farmers, that there are people behind it!  

What if farmers created a trendy café? 
We created the farmer's café solution, and Arla went "all in" on the concept, which was spiced up with everything that belongs to a farmer's café: A central barn with recycled wood and straw, boards with real straw, chalkboards with various handwritten messages, stable lamps and chairs created from old tractor seats. Lamps in the ceiling created from recycled milk jugs, rustic long table, wooden floor, sixpences for trade fair staff with straws in the corners of their mouths, rubber boots and aprons, which were naturally supplemented with activation material, consisting of competitions on ecology, communicated on signs, iPads and flyers.

The results: A startling conceptThe campaign became a topic of conversation in the food industry, and many fair seconds noted the different communication, which was perceived as both friendly and at eye level.

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