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It's about creating relevance for your customers - and results for you!

At agency wunders, we take your business seriously and honestly believe that BTB is at least as important as BTC marketing. If you use us for your marketing, you are sure to get solutions that work on your customers' terms, and which at the same time create the best results for you.

The art of getting through to the decision makers
Our position is that your marketing should, above all, inform and motivate customers. We call it meaningful marketing. In this connection, it is important that we jointly define your target group and focus on the gatekeepers who are central to being able to penetrate the relevant decision-makers with the company's messages.
Hands on...
More than once we have had oil, flour, brick dust, earth, printing ink on our hands.  We have several years of experience with result-creating campaigns and concepts for Danish BTB and BTC giants such as Vestas, Grundfos and Danfoss as well as a large number of small and medium-sized companies within industry, groceries, fashion, cars, energy, agriculture and crafts.

Wunders ...for your brand

Who is the target group and what does the target group think?
The best foundation for great communication is insights.
Through many years of dedication and experience, we have developed extremely powerful tools that help you find just the right insights.


We find the right insights either with you, with the target group or with your colleagues.

Insight focus

It is not enough to find the insights alone. It is also about selecting the most interesting ones and being able to see the motive behind them,

and we do it best together!

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