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CASE: CVI CompCure

CASE: CVI CompCure

CompCure Logo, CVI, website and SoMe content

Passion for purpose. 
We love when we can help make a difference for the customers and ultimately the target group!

We have quite a few Healthcare 
customers and we are all very proud of them! CompCure is an NPO with a beautiful purpose! CompCure creates a meeting place for patients and practitioners, leading multidisciplinary experts, industry partners and other relevant stakeholders, with a shared commitment to improve outcomes for the rare kidney diseases C3G and IC-MPGN that can affect children and adolescents.

Create en identity which is clear and differentiated and which shows that the non-profit organisation CompCure has a focus on rare kidney diseases. The identity and communication must be a common meeting place for both professionals and patients.

The solution: The yellow identity
Logo consists of a kidney which has been turned around and slightly modified so that it resembles a heart. In a kidney, a major blood vessel branches sit in two and this turns into a child with outstretched arms. The heart is a symbol of care and the association's passion forto make a difference for patients with kidney disease. The shape  on the bloodstream can also be seen as the letter Y, which is a well-known teagn for the antibody Immunoglobulin. Y embraces the protein which is the "solution" within the kidney diseases C3G and IC-MPGN. The color is warm yellow, which is a color for kidney diseases.  The face - a dot can also be seen as a symbol for T3 protein, which is a biomarker for kidney diseases. The yellow color is used prominently on the identity pabout e.g. homepage etc.

The results: A difference
The identity with website and SoMe campaigns are constantly noticed by the target group, which is affected by kidney diseases and more within Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech has since announced financial and research support in the area.

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