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The following conditions apply to Wunders unless otherwise agreed.

Acceptance of an offer can be given orally or in writing. Regardless of the form, acceptance is considered binding as long as it meets the following conditions.

Validity of oral acceptance:
Oral acceptances of offers are considered valid if they clearly express acceptance of the terms of the offer, and the last sent offer is valid at the time of commencement. The parties strive to document oral acceptance reliably, for example, by sending a confirmation email subsequently.

Acceptance with amendments:
If acceptance results in requests for corrections or changes to the terms of the offer, such corrections must be presented in writing and clearly specified. Any changes are considered a new offer, requiring acceptance from the offeror. The valid offer upon commencement is the last one sent.

Procedure for corrections:
Requests for corrections or changes must be formulated in writing and sent to the offeror. The offeror will then assess the proposed corrections and decide whether to accept or reject them.

Submission of a new offer:
If the proposed corrections are accepted by the offeror, a new offer will be prepared, including the approved changes. This new offer is considered binding when accepted by both parties. By accepting this offer, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the above conditions for accepting offers. These conditions constitute a binding agreement between you as the acceptor and the offeror. The parties should be aware that the commencement of work is considered an acceptance of the offer and its associated terms.

Expiration date for offer approval:
Wunders reserves the right to renegotiate the offer if approval is not obtained before the offer's last approval date, unless otherwise agreed.

Wunders reserves the right to invoice each phase separately upon delivery; this also applies before corrections to the respective phase are completed.

Payment & Payment Deadline
The payment deadline is 14 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed and indicated on the invoice. If payment is made late, we reserve the right to charge default interest. Default interest is calculated from the due date and is determined in accordance with Section 5 of the Interest Act. The post-due date interest rate (default interest) is set at a rate equivalent to the official lending rate set by the National Bank, with an additional 8 percentage points. The lending rate is the official lending rate set by the National Bank as of January 1 and July 1 of the respective year. Read more about the default interest rate and calculate interest on under Terms of Trade. The calculation is indicative, and additional information about the default interest rate is available on under Terms of Trade.

Prices are exclusive of VAT. The price includes, as a starting point, two proofreading rounds unless otherwise agreed. Corrections beyond the agreed number are invoiced based on time spent. All prices exclude additional services unless directly specified in the offer.

Additional Services
Additional services include, among other things, media spend, photography, image manipulation, purchase of stock images, rights, illustration work, text composition, language versioning, printing, and other production costs, such as freight and other delivery-related expenses. If the customer at Wunders exceeds the production schedule or requests significant changes to the briefing after the commencement of the task/project, we reserve the right to invoice additional costs associated therewith.

Wunders' liability for errors is legally limited to the invoice amount for the specific task and does not cover any consequential effects for the customer or any other third parties. The advertising agency is not responsible for delays caused by a lack of customer feedback and approval. The agency also cannot be held liable for errors in material that have been proofread and approved by the customer.

The customer at the advertising agency Wunders has the right to transfer finished insertion files and print files after approval. The copyright for the performed communication work belongs to the agency. The transfer of files is agreed upon at the start of the project. The customer has the right to use the material during the ongoing collaboration and can, by agreement, transfer the right to the finished material afterward. Third-party rights to models, photos, music, illustrations, etc., may restrict the free use of the material. These rights are negotiated separately. Examples include poster supplements for models or web/app rights, not included in the original purchase of copyrighted material. Fonts are not included in the transfer, as this is not allowed under copyright law. The agency reserves the right to use completed works for its own marketing, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Special rights can be negotiated when entering into a cooperation agreement with the advertising agency Wunders.

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