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Who is behind?


CEO, Creative Director & strategy: Bent A. Lomholt

The passion is insight-based omnichannel communication, and Bent Lomholt's significant drive is to achieve optimal results through creative communication that precisely hits the target audience at the right time and place, in the perfect tone related to the audience's state of mind.

As a professional communicator and creator, BL creates messages that work across all media channels, both digital and physical, paid & earned. BL strives for ideas based on audience insights, with a clear purpose and meaningfulness – we call it marketing with Purpose!
If you don't have anything meaningful to say, why would the target audience listen? Insight-based communication should be created that surprises and engages while hitting the target audience spot on, so the recipient feels understood and heard!

Bent Lomholt is internationally certified in digital marketing and has many years of experience as an Art Director and strategist in the advertising industry. He has worked on the development of concepts and branding advice for a wide range of companies in both B2C and B2B, creating strong communication that has been honored with 30+ international advertising awards and nominations.

   •    Communication Strategy
   •    Creative Concept Development
   •    Corporate Branding
   •    Core Storytelling
   •    Content Marketing
   •    Omnichannel Marketing
   •    B2C and B2B Campaigns
   •    Customer Journeys
   •    Purpose Marketing

Bent Lomholt has developed communication for a diverse range of strong Danish and international clients, including Pharma Medico, TCM, Svane Køkkenet, Tvis Køkkener, Nettoline, Rationel, Grundfos, Lidl, Fermacell, Hardyplank, Danbolig, Nybolig, Djurs Sommerland, Danfoss, Danish Supermarket, Talentvækst syddanmark - Region Syddanmark, Cembrit, M&M, Mars, Maersk, Akzo Nobel, SE, Sparbank, Jyllandsposten, Aros Art museum, Danish Ministry of Employment, TDC, Karen Wolf, Marabou Chocolate, Unilever, Jorton, Erhvervshusene, Den Jyske Opera, Cibavision, Compcure, Novo Nordisk and Arla.


Text Writer, Strategist, and Project Manager: Eva Strøm

It's easy to put words together, but it's an art to write good texts. A good text must say what it needs to, neither more nor less. It can convey knowledge, arouse curiosity, evoke longings, and open hearts. A good text communicates your brand's story to your target audience so that it can be heard, seen, felt, and experienced. This, of course, requires that the person writing the text understands your brand and your target audience, can think strategically, and then translate it all into a language that lights up your target audience.

Eva has many years of experience in both the advertising industry as a text writer and from the client side as a project manager and communicator. She can immerse herself in your world and master both the strategic and the linguistic, unfolding your brand's story on all the platforms relevant to your target audience.

In addition to all her hands-on experience as a communicator, Eva is a Master of Arts and a psychotherapist who has worked with journalism in all its genres. In short, this means that she has the ability to understand complex issues, see your brand from a psychological perspective, and convey your message vividly and in a form that is based on your customer.

   •    Service-minded project management.
   •    Communication strategy.
   •    Writing texts at eye level with the target audience.


Web Designer and System Developer: Niels Christian Aaes

NC has over 20 years of experience in designing and developing professional websites, converting landing pages, and effective webshops. He also focuses on custom development that optimizes your workflows or creates a new unique system if desired. He is a skilled sparring partner who always ensures that clients successfully accomplish development tasks.

With clip cards and service agreements, NC ensures that clients' solutions are always optimized and up to date. He is always service-minded and has a great commitment to meeting clients' needs. NC has experience from both the advertising industry and from Mærsk Data and IBM. NC also operates the company

   •    Websites, Landing Pages, and Webshops with a high-security level.
   •    User-friendly web design with a focus on optimal user experience (UX).
   •    Technical search engine optimization (SEO).
   •    Custom development, e.g., automating your workflows.
   •    Service-minded project management.

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