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Campaign for FH Scandinox with "double spread" ads

"Mælkeri Tidende" is a key media within the dairy sector. For our customer, FH Scandinox, we had to prepare an attention-grabbing advertising campaign for the Danish and German markets.

How to getyou pay extra attention to sustainable production facilities, which visually "just" look likener industrial machines in stainless steeleel?

The solution: Show the product!
We came up with a double-page ad in the magazine. The article on the left of the post was about sustainability in the dairy and food industry, and in the middle the text was "smeared out", leading readers to believe it was a typo. Sooner or later it dawns on the observer that it is the advertisement onon the next page for FH Scandinox, who have "touched" the sustainability article. If the error was mentioned to the colleagues in the lunch room, it only paved the way for a little extra attention...

In the German version, the ad headline was "ALLES IN BUTTER", which means that "everything is good" or that "everything runs like butter" - a reference to the "greased error" in the article text. We posted a little extra about the origin of it German expression "ALLES IN BUTTER" as supporting SoMe.

The results: A sensational success
The campaign became a conversation starter in the dairy industry, andmore customers then contacted FH Scandinox with words of praise and a thank you for a remarkable and different communication.

Are you also ready to think outside the box?
contact us and hear more about many of our other interesting casespp. We promise not to spread too thickly! :-)

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